Steve Jobs Biography

I really loved reading the Steve Jobs Biography and I feel compelled to write a summary of what I have learned so I don’t forget the points mentioned by this Genius.  I will write the 10 things I learned in descending order and degree of importance.  I will keep it simple.

10)  Associate with the brightest people in your field

9)  Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication

8)  You can push people to achieve more than they think they can

7)  Never follow profits, Follow customer needs

6)  Pay Importance to details even if you are the CEO

5)   Reality Distortion field:  Breaking boundaries and never being scared.

4)  Doing the impossible is fun

3)  People do judge a book by it’s cover.  Are you making a good first impression?

2)  A leader should be able to invoke Charisma and Excitement in his product.

1)  Ability to communicate your thoughts without hesitation


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